Welcome to the tutorial for your client report reporting dashboard. All your important information can be categorized and reported via widgets. Widgets are like standalone reports that can be added or removed from your customized homepage.

On your first login to the reporting dashboard, you'll be given a default layout. As you make changes, the dashboard will save and follow you for your next login. You can add more widgets, or remove them with the X in the corner. Additionally, you can always view the full detailed reporting suite by clicking on the "Reports" menu item, or by clicking the arrow on selected Widgets.

Let's take look at our widgets below:

  • Notifications – View important notifications about your Lightspeed account here. Click the X to mark it as read.
  • Account Summary – Account value, Long Market Value, Short Market Value, Cash for current trade date and prior trade date.
  • Margin Summary – Margin accounts can view their current Margin Equity, Excess Equity, Margin Percent, Total Equity, Overnight Buying Power, Buying Power and Available to Withdrawal values. Portfolio margin accounts can view PM Equity, PM Requirement, PM Excess, Day Trade Multiplier, Total Equity, House Requirement, House excess, Long Market Value, Short Market Value, Gross Market Value, End of Day Limit, GMV/Equity, and Approved leverage factor.
  • Profit/Loss Summary – Profit/Loss over prior day, Month to Date, and Year to date.
  • MTD Summary – By day End of Day Equity, Cash I/O, and Profit/Loss.
  • YTD Summary – Last business day of the month by day End of Day Equity, Cash I/O by month, and Profit/Loss by month.
  • Margin Calls – Displays any open margin calls in account by type. This widget will only show up if there are open calls. Widget cannot be closed.
  • Easy to Borrow (ETB) Search – Search is a security is easy to borrow.
  • Non-Marginable Search – Search is a security is marginable
  • My quick links
  • Trade confirms – Download your trade confirm from the prior 7 days.
  • Statements – Download your monthly statement by month for the current year.
  • Tax documents – Download your 1099 tax document from prior year.
  • Upcoming Events – Rotating schedule of education webinars offering by Lightspeed.
  • Twitter – View our latest tweets.
  • Partners – Rotating view of partners of Lightspeed.

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